Sancta Familia Apostolate is a small family operation committed to quality, handmade craftsmanship in continuity with the longstanding tradition of beauty that is the patrimony of two millennia of Catholic history.    

We do not approach our work as an outlet of self-expression, but as a service to the Church, to our priests, and to the faithful.  As such we draw our designs and our inspirations from traditional, historical architectural expressions of the faith that have stood the test of time. 

We specialize in Gothic and Romanesque sanctuary furnishings – especially altars and communion rails.  Careful attention to detail is given as my wife and I work together to complete each phase of the project.  From the early stages of research and design sketching to traditional hand-tool joinery, hand-carved and hand-painted details to traditional finishing techniques, all the way through delivery and installation, our goal is both customer satisfaction and products that are of exceptional beauty and quality. 

We are committed to working with priests to restore beauty and reverence to the liturgies in their parishes.  This is not only our business, it is our apostolate – our contribution to the common good of our Church and our society.